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August 6, 2012

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The bidding outlook wasn’t brilliant for the southern gal that day
The score, in terms of minutes, left but one short inning to play,
And then when bidder one died at first, and Bidder two did the same
A pall-like silence fell upon the players of this” take home those shoes” Ebay Game

Alright, I’ll admit it’s a little dramatic to go editing a  poem that I was forced to learn in grade school to describe an E-bay auction, but helllllo..have ya met me?  I may not be bold enough to wear white in the winter time, but I can take a classical poem and kill it in the name of creativity.  Somehow I don’t think that particular English teacher would approve, but I digress. The shoes? FABulous.  AHmazing.  I loved them from the moment I laid my wandering eyes on them. I found myself counting down the seconds..knowing that she was out there, some anonymous woman with really good taste in shoes, readying herself to steal the game in the final seconds. But not this time. This time..the shoes are mine.

This time:

Somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,

There’s music on the ipod, and her new shoes they fit just right;

And somewhere there is laughter, cause her husband took her out,

But there is no joy for the auction loser as this time she struck out

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One thought on “Winning!

  1. you should come see me. bring the shoes. ;)

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