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August 8, 2012


Walmart.. It’s all the rage.

I love Walmart.  I’ve never been one to understand how people can bash a place that sells chocolate and fishing gear all under the same roof.  I’ve heard all of the arguments.  I am not swayed.  I just love the place. But one thing is for certain:  people in Walmart seem to be a little bit angry.   Even more than that, I would say that they are down right hostile. Ever find yourself launching out of an over crowded aisle only to meet with someone moving in the opposite direction?  I have.  In fact, it happens all the time.  And it should be a situation where a person can just say “please excuse me” and be over it.  But that rarely happens.  The “look” is given.  You know, “the look” that basically says “I would love to mop the floor with your butt but I don’t want to go to jail”.  I get that look all the time.  And it confuses me. I mean, this isn’t the buggy ( southern term for “cart”) derby.  I am not trying to wreck as many carts as I can on my way to the checkout.  It isn’t a personal attack.  But that’s exactly how some people take it.  One lady in particular went so far as to tell me that I needed to ” (expletive) watch where you are going.”  I asked her how I was supposed to see above that mountain of Keystone Light at the end of the aisle, and just like that we found ourselves right in the middle of an all out verbal smack down. She was a bit more animated than I was.  For the record, that is unusual.

I went to Walmart that day to pick up some TP, and it turned into something ugly.  Primal even.  I say primal because I do have, what southerns call, ” good raisin.”  Kids used to hear ” ain’t you got no raisin?'” all of the time when I was growing up.  And it wasn’t something to be proud of.  In fact, if those words were uttered in the presence of a mama..most notably mine, then the switch bush was going to be missing a limb.

But it’s hard to remember that upbringing these days.  Especially in Walmart.  But I do try.  I also make every attempt to turn the other cheek.  But the reality of it was that if I had done that, she would have likely taken a bite out of that one too. And sometimes my flesh gets the best of me.  It’s a work in progress as am I.

I picked up everything on my list and moved to the check out line.  My new buddy from the beer aisle was in the line beside me.  Still mad.  With everything going on in this world, how is that even possible?  Oh, and for the record, she had waaayyyyy more than 20 items in her cart.  You can guess which lane she was in.  <SIGH>

There’s an old Ricky Skaggs song called “Don’t Get Above Your Raisin.”

Don’t get above your raising
Stay sown on earth with me
Now looky here gal you better be yourself
And leave that other stuff on the shelf.

I don’t think I went above my raisin’ on that one.  I’m pretty sure I dipped beneath it.  Note to self: try to behave in a way that is pleasing to both God and your mama.  That way, all of the bases are covered.

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2 thoughts on “Walmart.. It’s all the rage.

  1. Ha…this made me laugh! I love WalMart, too. Your description of some WalMart shoppers was spot on! There’s really no better place to go ‘people-watching,’ which is another great spectator sport. Thanks you! :)

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