My Sister’s Side Door

by amontondo

Her door has always been open. I remember pulling into the driveway that leads to her home so many times..hoping..praying..that she would be there. Somehow, she’s always been there. That familiar side door came to be a beacon to me; a way to enter into my Lords presence when I had forgotton how to get there on my own. My friend has taken me in, wounded, bleeding, and crying out to the creator. She would pull out the Bible , and find the words that would make hope come into my life again. His words. His promise for us all.
Over the years our friendship has endured much. We’ve weathered many seasons together, this friend and I. We’ve laughed and cried, lived and grown, rejoiced and mourned; we’ve watched her beautiful little ones grow into amazing people right before our very eyes. She’s always shared her life and family with me; it’s probably one of the most amazing gifts that Sandy has ever given.
It is a blessing to have a friend that is willing to lay down whatever is going on in her life that day to minister to a hurting friend. It is a testimoney that bares itself out beyond mere words that we humans speak and goes straight to the heart of our creator.
What is true friendship? It goes much deeper than the surface; it makes its way past all of the dents, scratches and scars to touch the very spirit of who we are. True friendship the way God intended does not judge; it does speak truth but with a heart of love for the friend and for God. Thank you God for placing such a friendship in my life.